Ellyses Kuan (piano) and Julie Reimann (cello), founding members of Duo Amie, met in 2013 while performing at a concert to benefit a medical charity organization. A close friendship and musical collaboration quickly developed between them, and since then they have been performing together in various venues throughout Massachusetts. Bonded by their shared backgrounds as world class trained musicians who also earned advanced degrees in other fields, they formed Duo Amie in 2015 in order to share their love of music and performance with others, and to continue to support the mission of charities through organizing and performing at benefit concerts, which is a key element and goal of Duo Amie. The duo also enjoys teaching and fostering young talent, including giving open rehearsals and coaching. The duo's repertoire is diverse and both performers delight in exploring both classical, contemporary, and popular music forms.

Photographer: Cary Chu Photography